Free Funeral Planning Guide

Funeral Planning GuideWe hope this free Funeral Planning Guide will help ease the difficulties associated with our end of life planning. This Funeral Planning Guide was created to assist you in the many aspects of planning a funeral. Within you will find all of the forms, checklists and information necessary to ensure that your final wishes are known. Included and outlined in detail are the arrangements needed for any funeral service. All you or your loved ones will have to do is provide these completed forms to your Funeral Director and everything will be conducted as requested. Your funeral arrangements can all be be pre-planned in detail. Pre-planning will save your loved ones the added burden at one of life’s most difficult moments. We have also included various statistics and records that will be needed as well as information on how your family can follow-up. We at Your Tribute hope that you and your family find this Funeral Planning Guide helpful. Our goal is to allow your loved ones to focus and cherish the warm memories of the wonderful years you have shared. This free Funeral Planning Guide is easy to download, save, or print, and is packed with helpful tools to assist you through some of life’s most challenging times.


Funeral Planning Guide Index:

Our funeral planning guide includes 20 pages of forms and checklists on the topics listed below. At the end of the guide we have also included some helpful information on Social Security, Wills and Living Trusts.

  • Husband & Wife Vital Statistics.
  • Husband & Wife Funeral Services Instructions.
  • People To Be Notified.
  • Medical History, Historical Information.
  • Estate Info, Banking, Real Estate, Insurance.
  • Special Instructions & Additional Information.

Online Funeral Planning Help:

If you have lost a loved one we know how stressful and emotional it is. Or, if your are pre-planning for your own funeral or a loved ones, this can also be a stressful situation. You will have a lot of questions and there are some important funeral planning decisions that must be made:

  • Is the deceased going to be buried or cremated?
  • What funeral home will you use?
  • Do you want a funeral service, a wake, or other event?
  • Do you need a casket and if so, what type?
  • What types of urns are available?
  • How do I write an obituary?
  • How do I create an online memorial website?

These are just a few of the questions you may be asking. Because you will have so many question that is why we have written numerous articles on funeral planning. These are all available online so that you can read them at your leisure without the need to schedule an appointment with a funeral director. Our articles were written to help you plan the funeral and deal with grief and loss.