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When dealing with the loss of a loved one, a considerable part of the bereavement process is to memorialize the one you loved so dearly. Remembering the life of a person is perhaps the most important way towards coming to terms with their loss, long after the funeral has ended and the mourning period has passed.

Sometimes, if the loved one's passing is expected, there may have been made personal arrangements made regarding memorials. Respecting their wishes is in itself a wonderful tribute to the love and respect the family has for the person they lost. But if the passing is sudden or unexpected, and the matter hadn't been discussed, choosing a memorial product can become far more difficult. It's best to consider the options as a family or group, so that everyone can agree on the most effective way to pay tribute to the departed.


What are Memorial Products?

The first step in finding the right way to memorialize a loved one is to think about the permanence of the item. All of the smaller things entailed in the funeral (the casket, eulogy, song, clothing and flower arrangements) are lovely ways to pay tribute to our loved ones, but these are all temporary markers. A true memorial product lasts well beyond the ceremony.

Memorializing one's life is highly personal, and as such should be individualized. Items created in tribute to the deceased are most treasured when they speak about their life, personality, loves or beliefs. These products become a window into which future generations can clearly see what the departed loved one was like.

The most common memorial product, the monument at the site of burial, is a great start to paying tribute to the beloved's passing. There are many options regarding this sort of monument: the traditional headstone, a grave marker, a gravestone or a statue. These commonly include biographical information about the deceased, and often have short personal statements as a tribute. Many families choose to express their own feelings about the departed, while others choose to memorialize their loved one with a quote that expresses an aspect of the loved one's life.

Statues and monuments at the burial site are also common, allowing for a wider range of options. These monuments may have a religious or spiritual element, or can be personalized based on the family’s personal preference. Many families choose a large single monument, boldly emblazoned with the surname, and as more family members pass on, their information gets added to the monument.

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Memorial Product Topics

Memorial products help families honor the memory of their loved one. They can act as a constant reminder of how important the person was who passed away. A memorial product is anything used before or after a funeral to pay tribute to, or remember, the life of a person. They can range from a small keepsake, such as jewelry or a photo, to a large memorial like a monument. Read the topics below to learn more about how to select meaningful memorial products for a loved one.

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Memorial Keepsakes

Often at the time of ones' passing, small objects (cards, photos or poems) are created that express some detail about the deceased. These small keepsakes are also very important for those outside the immediate family, so that they too have a specific way of remembering the life of the one they knew and lost. 

For those who are closer to the deceased, a special, more intimate object would be a wonderful way of keeping memories alive. Some of the more personal items include:

Tear Bottles: finely crafted, often tear-shaped vessels that symbolically represent the profound emotions involved in mourning the loss of a loved one.

Lockets: small photos of the deceased inside lockets may be reproduced and given to the bereaved. While lockets are traditionally thought of as women's necklaces, they can be custom made for men as well; on a keychain, tie tack or money clip.

Urns: regardless of the deceased's chosen burial, small urns need not contain ashes. Oftentimes people will purchase a small cremation urn and keep it as a symbolic container for their grief.

Jewelry: many jewelers offer gemstones that can memorialize a loved one; be it their birthstone, favorite gem, or even a stone fashioned from their remains. One can also customize jewelry with the option of the name, dates or simple description of the deceased being engraved.

Photo FramesFigurinesSmall Plaques or other keepsakes may also be customized with the deceased’s information.

With the advancement in technology, digital memorials have become immensely popular. Some ideas for memorializing a loved one include a website as a tribute to the deceased. Websites are especially popular because they can include an online "guest book", wherein friends and family may write and share their memories, post photos or artwork and create a log of other personal details.

Another option for an online memorial is to add information about the departed to a collective site that is user generated. There are also websites for those grieving the loss of loved ones who had suffered from a particular illness or accident, allowing a whole community of mourners to gather online and share their stories and advice. Sites like this are often part of a larger website for a particular illness or condition so that friends and families may contribute personal experiences, ask questions and receive help.

Other ways of memorializing a beloved include digital photos or videos – be it for a slide show, an online photo stream, or for digital photo frames.


Public Memorials

Sometimes the departed lived in such a way that a more public recognition of their loss is appropriate. If loved ones decide to create a more public memorial, there are many options available, such as:

  • A plaque in a location of great importance dedicated to the deceased, such as a place of worship, civil organization or academic institution.
  • A piece of furniture, such as a bench, chair or table that can signify the deceased’s life and interests.
  • A tree, pond, flowering plant or garden if the beloved was a fond of nature.
  • A public statue, sculpture or work of art dedicated to the loved one.

Whether your loved one was recently lost or passed away long ago, it is never too late to choose a memorial object to pay tribute to their life. If the passing away of a much-loved friend or family member is expected, it is wise to organize the details for when the time comes. Your beloved may have specific needs or wishes regarding their remembrance, and if the opportunity to hear those wishes is available, it is best to respect and follow them.

Choosing a memorial product is something none of us would like to do. But once the time comes, doing so may provide some measure of comfort in the midst of grief. The important part about this process is that it gives all involved a permanent, respectful way to remember the life of the one they lost. 

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