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Since 2002, Your Tribute has provided a safe and secure environment for friends and family to connect and share memories. With Your Tribute you can create a free online obituary or personalized memorial website for a loved one in minutes.

Gone but Never Forgotten – Coping with Bereavement No Comments

One of the hardest times in life is when you’ve lost a loved one that has been a large part of your life for a great number of years. When losing a spouse, a parent, a sibling or even that significant other who has been there through thick and thin, loss is something that you should never need to face alone…

Tributes in Other Countries: Origins No Comments

A tribute is a symbol of respect to a person’s accomplishment. At a funeral, a tribute is meant for honouring the life of the deceased. Family and friends celebrate the deceased and various countries have their own unique way of celebrating their loved ones…

More Tips on How to Choose a Homecare Nurse No Comments

We’ve covered how to get started with choosing a home healthcare service provider in a previous article, along with some questions to ask during the selection process. Finding a good homecare nurse is really important, which is why we’re going to review some more tips on how to choose a good one in this article. Let’s get started, shall we?

How to Plan for the End of Your Life No Comments

Making plans for the end of your own life and your funeral is a chore that is easily postponed. But, as the years go by and perhaps increasing physical illnesses make it more and more difficult to forget about the inevitable, it feels more and more acceptable and in many cases…

Pre Nuptial Agreements and Estate Planning No Comments

You may have heard the phrase Pre Nuptial Agreement in famous celebrity divorces, like the case of Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren for example. Maybe you’ve thought that these were exclusively a celebrity clause, and not available to Joe Public. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and many couples marrying are now opting to draw up Pre Nuptial Agreements…

Caring for the Carer – Who Cares for Those Who Care for Others? No Comments

It takes a lot of love to put your own life on hold to care for a loved one who cannot look after themselves. Most carers who take on this role do so because they wouldn’t want it any other way. You are probably one of those people. Yet, like so many others in your situation, do you find that while you are busy caring for others, no one seems to be caring for you and your needs?