Sherry Russell

Sherry Russell has worked in Grief and Crisis Management for over twenty years. She is the originator of a series of educational Grief and Trauma Workshops(R) which are currently being utilized in Funeral Home Aftercare Programs and in Community Outreach Programs. She is the founder of Catch A Falling Life and Pull Your Own Wagon. Catch A Falling Life is a think tank of educational resources for businesses as well as resources for those in pain from all types of loss and crisis. Pull Your Own Wagon offers an innovative interactive series of workshops and educational material for children.

Sherry is an accomplished writer, speaker and researcher. Her five-star grief book, Conquering the Mysteries and Lies of Grief, is being utilized in college classrooms in the US and abroad. She has been acknowledged for her ability to touch the human heart while helping those in need to dissect their grief. Her inspirational and self-help articles have been published in magazines and e-zines.

Sherry is on the Board of Advisors for several non-profit organizations, volunteers with "at risk" teens and grief support groups. She is a frequent presenter for CEUs for licensed mental health workers, psychologists, and social workers. She is Board Certified in Bereavement Trauma and a Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.

Entering and Exiting: Preparing for End of Life No Comments

Entering and exiting life certainly has a transformative effect. Both require enormous internal preparation. When a birth is expected, a family’s priority is dominated by the coming arrival. The new family must adjust emotionally, spiritually and financially for the additional responsibilities. Even though a new arrival might cramp the pocket book with the purchase of a crib, clothes, diapers and all the other necessary paraphernalia, it is gleefully accepted. On the other hand…

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Finding Emotional Harmony in Tragic Times No Comments

Have you ever said, “that won’t ever happen to me”? Research shows that 95% of the people in the US believe just that. Nothing will happen to them. It is also reported that at least 60% of US population has indeed been affected by tragedy. With all the fires, explosions, natural disasters along with the fear of terrorism are we starting to get “shock proof”? Are we saturated with grief? Did 9/11 numb us to the grief of other tragedies? Is it possible for us to ever become indifferent to the heartbreak of others? Too much stress can shut us down…

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A Watershed Event: Suggestions to Help You Deal With a Loss No Comments

Sometimes it takes a watershed event for us to burrow beneath our public self and into our authentic self for answers. The way we interpret and cope with our life changing happenings, weather a loss of “self” or a loss of a loved one, is relative to that authentic self image. If life is stomping you into the ground or if life would prove to be a mouthful to big to chew there are numerous avenues of help open to you. With the cobwebby lives most of us lead every one of us have at some time or another been knee deep in hopelessness…

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How Death Affects Us And What We Can Do 1 Comment

Death is inevitable, irreversible, universal, and always unpredictable. Accepting this, you would think everyone would be equipped with first hand knowledge on how to deal with a death that invades your family circle. If you were to think that, then you would think wrong! When you were in those first twelve years of school, were you offered a subject titled grief? No. You didn’t have the subject of grief sandwiched between math and English. When death claimed a schoolmate, did anyone come in to talk with you about the death?…

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