Sherry Russell

Sherry Russell has worked in Grief and Crisis Management for over twenty years. She is the originator of a series of educational Grief and Trauma Workshops(R) which are currently being utilized in Funeral Home Aftercare Programs and in Community Outreach Programs. She is the founder of Catch A Falling Life and Pull Your Own Wagon. Catch A Falling Life is a think tank of educational resources for businesses as well as resources for those in pain from all types of loss and crisis. Pull Your Own Wagon offers an innovative interactive series of workshops and educational material for children.

Sherry is an accomplished writer, speaker and researcher. Her five-star grief book, Conquering the Mysteries and Lies of Grief, is being utilized in college classrooms in the US and abroad. She has been acknowledged for her ability to touch the human heart while helping those in need to dissect their grief. Her inspirational and self-help articles have been published in magazines and e-zines.

Sherry is on the Board of Advisors for several non-profit organizations, volunteers with "at risk" teens and grief support groups. She is a frequent presenter for CEUs for licensed mental health workers, psychologists, and social workers. She is Board Certified in Bereavement Trauma and a Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.

Loss of a Dream No Comments

Sometimes the life of your dreams is like the elusive butterfly – close but disappears as soon as you are certain the net has gracefully captured it. Whether a situation or lack of personal power causes the loss of a dream, the loss of connection to others, the loss of financial security, emotional stability…

What is a Psychological Autopsy? No Comments

How many times have you heard that one must be crazy even to think about suicide? The fact is most suicide attempts are made by intelligent people. These intelligent people become steadily blinded by swelling confusion and trauma. Add into the mixture an abyss of mental distress and instability put in a catalyst…

Moving Forward Through Heartache No Comments

One day all is well and the next day it is as if a merciless smug burglar invades the private chambers of your heart swiping your happiness. Immediately you shift your focus onto your Rolodex of flashbacks of what could possibly have caused this wound. Heartache may be brought on by the disappearance of a commitment from a loved one, loss of communication, loss of companionship, loss of a dream, death, divorce and rejection of love to name a few. When your heart of compassion feels…

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Loss of Trust After a Death No Comments

We just came through the time of year based on peace on earth and goodwill to men. This is also a time of year that goads us into tackling our own personal inner demons. Unless we have a silver bullet, which is defined by Webster’s as “a magical weapon that instantly solves a long standing problem”, we need something else to help us. We would first need to measure our human ability to trust. Trust is faith and faith is loyalty and loyalty begins at each of our individual homes with our families and friends…

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Suggestions to Help You Deal with a Loss of Self No Comments

If life plops a bucket load of misery on you, with fear acting as a mallet to pound you deeper into slippery quicksand, what would you do to survive? Once you sink to the bottom, how would you begin to shimmy out? As far I know, there isn’t an elevator with a “straight to the top” button or a trampoline to sling shot you out of this place, instead, you have to learn to communicate within and determine a plan of action. Try writing a shorthand self- portrait. Think of the pen as a brush stroke…

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Grief and Four Paw Love No Comments

The first death most of us experience is the loss of a pet. How your family handled the death of the pet no doubt blazed an impression in your psyche. It is normal to experience agony of spirit and to feel deep sorrow for the loss as well as other customary grieving emotions such as guilt, denial, anger, and sometimes depression. Spending time talking and sharing memories comforts the grieving. You will find this is not a time to be judicious with your emotions. Honoring your pet is a way of giving thanks…

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