Sandy Fox

Sandy Fox has been a journalist her entire life. She is the author of "Creating a New Normal...After the Death of a Child" with 80 articles on coping techniques and a large resource section, as well as "I Have No Intention of Saying Good-bye" 25 stories of hope and healing after a child's death.

Sandy Fox has worked for a daily newspaper and taught journalism for 28 years. Five years after daughter Marcy's death, she began a two year project of interviewing parents from all over the United States who have lost children. Marcy's story is part of the project of her first book. Then nine years later after seeing a need for coping techniques, she wrote her second book. Sandy continues to write for magazines and speaks to bereavement groups across the U.S. and at national bereavement conferences on grief. Contact her to set up a speaking engagement.

10 Ways To Save Your Marriage After a Child Dies No Comments

When a child dies, most parents assume their marriage will be in jeopardy because they have read that 90% of marriages fail after the death of a child. A recent survey has proven this supposed fact to be a myth. From the survey it was found that only 16 % divorce and only 4 % said it was because of the death and the fact that there were problems in the marriage before the child died. The untimely death of a child can be an opportunity for growth to bring the two people closer together…

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