Rachel Kodanaz

Rachel Kodanaz is an author, speaker and consultant that provides encouragement to those who are suffering a loss or setback. Overcoming her own adversary following the sudden death of her husband, leaving her with a two-year-old daughter and her experience in the management of large corporations led her to develop and publish resources about how to support grief and loss in the workplace.

Rachel has presented nationally for 20 years on all aspects of living with loss with an emphasis on the workplace. She is the author of Grief in the Workplace: A comprehensive guide for being prepared and her best selling book, Living with Loss One Day at a Time, has received international acclaim. She is a columnist for Living with Loss Magazine, has published numerous articles and blogs on grief; and has appeared on Good Morning America.

Rachel is available for speaking appearances, educational programs, interviews, and community outreach. She has inspired thousands of people with her unique blend of presentations and workshops. Her authentic, down to earth messages are sure to inspire you to learn, laugh, and live. More information is available at www.rachelkodanaz.com.

Our CEO died, now what? No Comments

One of the most dreaded impacts on a company is to experience the death of its leader. The loss creates a complex situation, has tremendous bearing on the employees, clients and stakeholders and will ultimately alter the rhythm of the company. While leaders come and go in companies due to performance or illness…

Defining Memorial Day No Comments

Memorial Day began as Decoration Day, originating after the American Civil War to remember those who died as Confederate and Union soldiers. The occasion was expanded in the 20th century to include fallen heroes from all branches of the armed forces. As Americans, we observe the holiday annually the last Monday of May…

Be “Present” in Your Grief and Loss: Avoid Prolonged Mourning No Comments

Grief has no time limits or boundaries and will last for a lifetime, as you will always mourn the loss of time spent with a loved one who has left a footprint in your heart. Therefore, how you embrace your grief journey will have direct impact on your recovery. The best approach is to work through your grief in a timely manner: addressing your emotions, understanding the loss and learning how to incorporate the emptiness into your daily activities. In essence, the key is being present in your grief…

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Helping Others Helps You No Comments

Why is it that when we become widowed we think we are the first person that has ever been widowed? We have a tendency to cocoon and not look around us to realize there are many others who have walked this horrendous walk before us. Our pain is so overwhelming we cannot imagine anyone could have survived a life changing experience of widowhood and would be available or would want to share what they have learned and how they survived. The truth is there are thousands and thousands…

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Cleaning out your closets No Comments

With the longer days of summer upon us it might be the right time to tackle the organizing of your spouse/partner’s personal belonging. “Cleaning out your closets” presents a significant challenge for most widows – the overwhelming thought of going through your deceased loved ones belongings and trying to decide what do with the items is by far one of the hardest pieces of widowhood. When referring to “cleaning out the closets”, it is not just the bedroom it includes the home office, the work office, the garage, the basement and the pile of papers that have accumulated…

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