Laurel Rund

It began in 2009 when a life-changing event transformed me into the woman I am today. Never could I have imagined that the death of my husband of 42 years would take me on a journey through loss and grief to a redefined sense of self. Death, an unexpected teacher, was my transformative metamorphosis. The slow and painful healing process unfolded my creativity and, in what I can only describe as a “new normal,” Essence of Laurel was born.

My book, “Emerging Voices” has a purpose ~ to serve as a journal and healing catalyst for anyone who has experienced a loss. The art and poetry within is a testimony as to what can happen when we acknowledge grief in all its forms. It allows for the discovery of a new perspective which will lead you on a journey of self-discovery and renewal.

Our human experience, whether in a crisis or a life transition, continuously gives us the opportunity to learn and grow. We can choose to stay in a place of sorrow and regret, or embrace these life-altering experiences from which we can discover a new way of being.

Art from the Heart has become a place where I can tap into my innermost creativity as an inspirational writer and artist. The surprise is that it came at a time when I thought that the next chapters in my life would be lonely; without purpose or passion. Instead I have been given the gift of a renewed sense of life, its possibilities and most importantly, an appreciation for living in the present moment.

My hope is that my inspirational writing and ‘Art from the Heart’ touches something within you. Listen to your music … Find your rhythm … Celebrate this dance called Life!

Coming Full Circle: A Letter From a Daughter to Her Mother No Comments

Many of us carry within us words that define our life stories. I have several words, and for a long time the predominant one was “loss.” I spent many years feeling deprived of the love of my mother, her presence and her story. Ina, my mother, died 13 months after I was born. For most of my life, I felt like a “motherless child.” She became a ghost-like fantasy to me, which is probably why I liked fairytales so much as a kid. Maybe I was wishing for a happy ending. My father remarried when I was four…

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I’ve Got You Babe Is Forever (Poem) No Comments

When you had to leave, I felt my heart split in two. The edges were jagged and I was hollow. Knowing this, you gently cupped my broken heart in your hands and said “I’ve got you babe.” You loved and nurtured my shattered heart until the ache softened with the passing of time. When you knew I was ready, you reached down from the stars and placed my heart back into a sacred space within me. I heard you quietly say – “I have to leave, you need to let me go.” Your voice lovingly whispered in my ear. “You’ll be okay – I’m just a promise away because you know…

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The Storm (Poem) No Comments

As the thunder rolled and signaled danger, we kept fighting our way through the confusing maze of gathered facts, disappointments, setbacks, and fear. As you disappeared inch by inch, pound by pound, I averted my eyes to avoid what I was seeing. And closed my earsto what I was hearing. Your lovely smile was fading and you magnificent presence was disappearing in the mist of denial…

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