Kelly Farley

Kelly Farley was caught up in the rat race of life when he experienced the loss of two babies over an 18-month period. He lost his daughter, Katie, in 2004, and son, Noah, in 2006. Like many men, during these losses and the years that followed, he felt like he was the only dad that had ever experienced such a loss. Kelly spent several years trying to put his life back together. He realized during his journey that society, for the most part, doesn’t feel comfortable with an openly grieving male. That realization inspired him to start the Grieving Dads Project and to write his book Grieving Dads: To the Brink and Back. Kelly has a passion for helping people “pick up the pieces” after a profound life event. He presents workshops and works as a personal recovery coach as a way to help people put their life back together. Kelly commits his time to connecting with and advocating for bereaved parents.

Anger: After the Death of a Child 3 Comments

There are a multitude of emotions that set in after the death of a child. I experienced all of them, but one really stands out to me: Anger. The word alone provides many thoughts and images. But for many men, anger is the one emotion society allows us to have without too much “judgment”. It’s what men do, right? We get angry. Unfortunately, for many grieving dads, they get stuck there because society is uncomfortable with a grown man expressing his sadness openly. Therefore, this anger begins to fester over time and manifests itself into physical and psychological issues…

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