Dr. John D. Canine

Dr. John D. Canine, Ed.D., Ph.D. is a noted author, professional speaker, educator and leading expert on grief and bereavement. He is currently the CEO of Maximum Living Consultants, Inc. and he oversees bereavement aftercare services in ten states. Maximum Living provides traditional counseling services as well as telephone and online counseling. Facilitated by a Licensed Counselor, telephone and online counseling is available for a single person or can be arranged for multiple persons as well.

Dr. John D. Canine also has life experiences as a minister, psychotherapist and is a former member of the American Philosophical Association. He has 2 Masters Degrees and 2 Doctoral Degrees; however, as he states, “I am still learning.” His greatest reward is “becoming a companion in an individuals grief and assisting them through grief education.”

Dr. John D. Canine is a member of the Your Tribute Advisory Council. He is a regular contributor of grief and funeral-related articles for YourTribute.com and provides guidance to the Your Tribute management team.

Past Accomplishments:

Dr. John D. Canine is a former All-American Basketball player (1970) for Ohio University. In 1991 he was inducted into the Ohio University Hall of Fame. He has served as the staff counselor for the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Lions professional sports teams.

Dr. John D. Canine has worked as an adjunct professor and an associate member of the graduate faculty at Wayne State University in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Department of Mortuary Science. Dr. Canine has published numerous articles and books on topics related to grief. He is a frequent speaker at the National Funeral Directors Association annual conference.

Author of:

The Challenge of Living

1983, Ball Publishers

I Can I Will

1990, Ball Publishers

The Psychosocial Aspects of Death and Dying

1996, by McGraw-Hill (Appleton-Lange Division)

What Am I Going To Do With Myself When I Die?

1999 by McGraw-Hill (Appleton-Lange Division)

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