Dr. Elisa Medhus

Dr. Elisa Medhus is a veteran physician who built and operated a successful private medical practice in Houston Texas for 13 years. Her busy practice served thousands of families. She is also the mother of five children, some of whom have special challenges like Tourette’s Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder, learning differences and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. She is also the author of three award-winning parenting books: Raising Children Who Think for Themselves, Hearing is Believing: How Words Can Make or Break Our Kids, and Raising Everyday Heroes.

After the death of her 20 year-old son, Erik, Dr. Medhus began journaling her grief in her blog, Channeling Erik. She knew that only in helping others could she heal herself. Because of her strong science background, she formerly viewed spiritual matters such as the soul’s survival of death with skepticism, but once Erik began to communicate with family, friends and blog members, her entire paradigm shifted. After devouring various books on the quantum physics explaining the science behind spirituality, Dr. Medhus is no longer a skeptic. Now, she channels Erik through a medium, asking him questions about death, the afterlife and more. As her blog members join her in this journey toward spiritual understanding, Erik continues to offer not only his insight as an insider, but also comic relief with his mischievous pranks.

A Skeptic’s Journey Through Grief No Comments

As a physician with a strong science background, I used to regard all things spiritual with a jaded eye—until the recent suicide of my young son, Erik. Since then, my life has been cleaved into two parts: The Before and The After, The Bliss and The Dark Despair. Everyone deals with grief differently. I heal best by journaling my thoughts in a way that helps others. So once I was able to wipe away my tears and crawl out of bed, I began to write a blog: www.channelingerik.com. At first, I shared my grief, pouring my broken heart onto every page. I thought my son…

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