Audrey Stringer

Audrey Stringer has an active palliative support and grief counseling practice called A String of Hope Inc. She is also past chair and educator facilitator for the Sarnia Lambton Palliative Care Association. Audrey Stringer understands the feelings of overwhelming hurt that the loss of a loved one can inflict. She has experienced direct personal loss in three generations of her own family, and has helped countless others in her professional practice as a bereavement counselor. She knows it is possible to overcome the pain. She knows that you really can Get Over It!

Make Grief Your Friend No Comments

Your Grief is more bearable if you make Grief your friend. Remember if you go swimming in the ocean and fight the waves, you will get sucked under, but if your swim with the waves, you will be buoyantly carried along. That is so with Grief and Mourning. Go with your emotions of grief, don’t stuff them inside of you. Unresolved grief can put your life on hold and potentially destroy you. Grasp the hand of grief and mourning and hold tight for if you don’t feel you will not heal. Let go as needed. Respect that if you love hard, you will grieve hard…

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